FULL SHOWER REVIEW by Yuni Min (Bath Express Customer)


By: Yuni Min (http://www.loveyourabode.com/) check out her blog Love Your Abode

Two months ago, I shared a post regarding our master bathroom shower upgrade. We had dealt with some water damage last summer and needed to address our shower through professionals. We decided to go with Bath Express after getting some quotes and advice from different contractors and bath companies. I planned on sharing a full shower review only after using it for a couple of months.

This post is sponsored by Bath Express but all thoughts, opinions, and styling are my own. Remember when our bathroom used to look like this? If you look to the left of the shower along the base, that’s where Jimmy spotted the water damage. The trim was extra soft and when he removed it, he could tell there was water coming in from somewhere. The only way to really address this issue was to remove the shower since there was no way of knowing the cause. Also, we didn’t want the problem to get worse and reach the subfloor to the main floor which would be even more costly and a bigger headache. Today, it looks like this! If you followed along with our DIY master bathroom renovation, you’ve already seen the results. It’s still hard to get over after seeing the before right? I know, I’m still blown away by the AFTER. It is so nice getting ready in here every single day! When I say that this post is sponsored by Bath Express, I want to disclose that I was given a certain percentage off the cost of our shower replacement. Jimmy and I still paid for the majority of the cost but I was willing to write an honest review of the company and our experience with Bath Express throughout the whole process. When my name is associated with a brand, it is imperative that the company is one I trust. I already shared from my previous post that we had a great experience throughout the process. Would I use them again in the future? Definitely. Would I recommend them to my friends? Yes! I waited a couple of months to write the final review so that we could use the shower and write the pros and cons of our new shower. To tell you the truth, my whole family loves the shower so much that they have decided to ONLY use ours. After a couple of weeks, we finally kicked the kids out and told them to use their showers. Ha! Can you blame them? The only con that I could think about these acrylic showers was that I thought I would miss the look of traditional tiles. To tell you the truth, the best part about this acrylic shower is that there is hardly any maintenance. The only thing we have had to clean is the floor where we see the pink bacteria build up from the moisture. We used to have to clean the grout between the tiles and not having to do that is so awesome. Also, we have so much gorgeous tile to look at on the floors and surround tub that I don’t miss it at all in the shower. Do you know what we don’t miss? Tile and grout scrubbing! If you are having to replace your shower, I highly recommend checking out the acrylic showers from Bath Express. Make sure to ask for Jim and tell him that Yuni sent you. He will treat you right and make sure to give you all the important information before deciding on the product that is right for you. Sharing a good contractor is like sharing a good doctor or hairdresser. Once you find the right one, you are set for life! xoxo,       Let all that you do be done in Love. 1 Corinthians 16:14